Snake Oil Salesmen

Conservatives have been on the warpath lately about a mosque “at” ground zero.  Never mind that the mosque in question has been involved in de-radicalization.  Hell, never mind that sharia law looks a heckuva lot like what the conservative Christians want to institute as law in this country.

No, lets focus instead on the rationale behind the arguments against the mosque.  It seems the logic is that, since the terrorists are muslim, and the people who go to the mosque are muslim, the terrorists are somehow associated with the people at the mosque.

The purveyors of this line of reasoning are places like Fox News, Newsmax, the Family Research Council, and others.  By their own reasoning, therefore, the three are relatively interchangeable.  Which is borne out by the fact that they all say the same things.  Hmmm. maybe they are all onto something.

Let’s look closer.  Here is the latest e-mail from Newsmax.  Since all of the stories are from the same vendor (Newsmax), they must all be of the same sort, again by their own logic.   What do we have?

One story about the Texas governor, a story about phony-baloney herbal remedies (remember that hemlock is an herb, and is all-natural.  Try it, you’ll like it!), another phoney-baloney claim about a vitamin supplement that cures everything, a phoney-baloney get rich quick scheme, and another vitamin scam.

Snake oil salesmen.  The one story must be like the others, since they have something in common.  By Newsmax’s own logic, their ideological stories are phoney-baloney.  And by extension, their ilk (Fox, Focus on the Family, et al) are also snake oil salesmen, peddling their quack nostrums.  Oh my god!  Those conservatives are right!

Hmmm, maybe we should all be against those terrorist-associating mosque people….

Here endeth the snark.



One Response to “Snake Oil Salesmen”

  1. Trump for Prez? Consider the source…. « Politically Me Says:

    […] I’ve mentioned Newsmax before.  It is the Weekly World News of politics.  Instead of Bat-Boy, they have Trump, but they do have JFK assassination linked to the UFO conspiracy, just like WWN. They shill phony medicine just like they sill phony politics.   […]

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