Predicting the Past

Recently I have been seeing a lot of predictions from conservative talking heads that the economy is going to melt down, a sudden implosion that is going to destroy fortunes.


I have to wonder where people who are believing this are living. 

I hate to break it to you, but what these fear mongers are predicting happened three years ago.  And far from being some future disaster caused by Obama’s “liberal” policies (actually, policy-wise, Obama is about the same as Nixon, just not paranoid), the disaster already exists because of the policies these fear mongers are trying to sell.

They want to stop corporations from being harassed by big, nasty, interfering government.  They want to make sure that, if a business wants to do something that will cut its costs or increase its profits, no one will get in the way, no matter how deadly, damaging or wrong that something is.

Result:  runaway profiteering, a real estate and stock bubble, collapse, banks get bailed out (but borrowers do not), an ongoing foreclosure crisis, layoffs, and high unemployment. 

Yeah, let’s have some more of that, please.

Keep looking in that rear-view mirror, guys.



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