Just call them Gumby

I so love Fux News.  The can switch sides of an argument without missing a beat.  In ’01 they joined the outrage (already in progress) over the fact that airport security was being done by “rent-a-cops”.

Then when Homeland Security was born, they pushed for privatization, because government is incompetent to do anything right.  In case you missed it, “privatization” means hiring contractors, aka “rent-a-cops”.

Failing in that, they didn’t miss a beat and talked up how the Bush administration was doing everything possible to protect us from another attack, to trust the government to protect us, and that no one but the bad guys had anything to fear from any “invasion of privacy” because only the bad guys have anything to hide.

Then the Obama administration came in and Fux News wrung its hands about how the democrat (sic) administration wouldn’t protect us from the terrorists.  And when the Obama administration actually steps up the protection, Fux screams about invasion of privacy, and pushes again to replace the TSA with private contractors.

Now, whether or not the tighter security actually does what it is supposed to or not, and whether or not these measures actually do invade our privacy, is a debate for another time.

But my point is that it shows that Fux will switch sides of an argument at the drop of a hat, if it will benefit them at the moment.



2 Responses to “Just call them Gumby”

  1. Al Dente Says:

    Hi Me!

    The TSA says PERV stands for Program to Examine Random Voyagers….but we know it’s really:


    SHOCKING, must read story.

    Peace! 🙂

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