Cheney Considers Becoming a Liberal

According to a story on NPR, Richard “Dick” Cheney is considering having a heart.

Sorry, “heart transplant”.

Still, this would be a first for the former Vice.

Damn, I mean, “Vice President”.

Previously he only had a blood pump. Adding a heart from any source could theoretically have the same effect on Cheney as it had on the Grinch.

Some think that the effect would only occur if the heart was from a Liberal source, while others say that only Liberals would be selfless enough to donate their organs. Actually, it is factually incorrect to believe that Liberals are the only organ donors. Rank-and-file Conservatives have been trained for generations to sacrifice for the benefit of their corporate masters without question, so they would be very likely to donate their organs for a medical procedure they themselves cannot afford, and make that donation to a person who would ensure that they would remain unable to afford it.

Still others say, “What other source for a donated heart could there be, besides a Liberal? Conservatives don’t have hearts!”


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