Nose, Face, Cutting Off, Spite

Yeah, you know the old saw.

In a prior post, I snarkily mentioned how rank-and-file Conservatives have been trained to unquestioningly sacrifice their good to their corporate masters, and get nothing in return. And in a way, it is true.

We’ve seen that with taxes. The Income Tax was designed and enacted specifically to only tax those who benefitted disproportionately from being a member of the club called “Citizens of the United States” (with membership benefits including access to infrastructure, access to markets, and access to a labor force). Over the decades that responsibility has slid down into the middle and lower classes of the population, and the rates on the upper portion are the lowest they have ever been. The reward for this? Fewer and less effective services that keep the lower 98% of Americans out of poverty, despair, bankruptcy, depression, indentured servitude, illness, and death. Who benefits? The top one or two percent.

We’re watching that with Social Security, the bottom 98% of Americans are told they need to give up services they expressly paid for out of their paychecks so that the top 2% won’t have to pay the bills for stuff they already bought.

And the impending attempt to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is again asking sacrifice of those who can’t afford proper health care (the bottom 98%) so that the top 2% won’t have to spend their money. And why should they? It’s not like there is a shortage of workers in the bottom 98% to be exploited. So if a few die, so what? We’ll just replace them with someone in the third world (if we haven’t already) if there isn’t anyone left available here.

Why are people so willing to give up what they have so that those who already have more (so much, much, MUCH more) can have even more?

Why when the last thirty years have shown again and again and again that the free market ISN’T creating jobs just because the rich have more.

Taxes are the lowest they have ever been, but we’re in worse shape than ever, and that isn’t even considering the decaying infrastructure!

Wake up and smell the unshared sacrifice!

Until the rich have sacrificed as much as the rest of us – economic insecurity, bankruptcy, unaffordable illness, and the inability to retire – it is time for the rich to pay their fare share.


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