Governor Goodhair Runs for President (and other wishful thinking)

Just re-elected Texas governor Rick Perry had his state-of-the-state speech, in which he previewed his run at the White House.

Holy crap, is this going to be fun.

His big policy statements were about education, border security, and freedom from Washington Bureaucrats.

As far as education goes, he talked all about supporting education. Which sounds funny when his fellow party members refuse to use the Rainy Day fund to close the $25 billion budget shortfall, and the only sizable expenditure in the state budget is… education. One in 12 teachers in Texas won’t be returning to teach next year unless someone actually does something about the budget, but Mr. Happy Talk was all sunshine and flowers. No problems here in Texas, nosiree.

The Texas governor also challenged universities to create a bachelor’s degree program that only costs $10,000.

No, the state government wasn’t going to actually do anything to help make that possible. No, he didn’t have any ideas on how to make it happen.

He just want them to do it.

In other news, the Texas governor also asked car makers to devise a $100 Lamborghini, asked homeowners to sell their houses for $50, and would like a Spam recipe that actually tastes good.

And he wants a pony.


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