Corporations pay less in taxes than you do.  They often pay less than what is in your pocket right now, even if all you have in your pocket right now is lint.

The wealthy, who depend less on government services, have gotten huge tax breaks.  You, who depend far more on government services than you realize, are getting your services cut.  (You’d better believe that the services that do benefit the wealthy are not being cut, they are just making you pay for it instead of them.)  And while you may be paying less in taxes, the amount you are paying in fees and other “not tax increases” has gone up.

The end point is you and the rich guy paying a la carte for services you actively use, while you still lose the services that protect you and your family (the EPA, FDA, USDA, EEOC and OSHA aren’t designed to offer services a la carte, unlike toll roads, permit fees, and the like).

But you’d better watch out, the government wants some of your crumbs….


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