More Funny, Less Money

As a share of GDP, taxes are the lowest they have been since the 1950’s.

The burden has been shifted from them to us.

Yes the budget might need to lose a little weight…

…but the proposed cuts do nothing about the fat, and only hurt the efficacy of the government’s ability to serve the people.

The largest corporations, earning billions in profits, paid less in taxes last year than I have in my pocket right now, receiving tax breaks larger than the cost of saving all of the teachers that will be laid off in Texas.

In every crime novel you’ve ever read, every crime movie you’ve ever seen, they tell you to “follow the money”. What has happened to our economy was a crime. What is happening to our schools, our roads, our healthcare, our food safety, the very air we breathe, is a crime. Maybe we should follow the money.

(As usual, thanks to American Progress for the funny cartoons! You can see their archive and sign up for the daily funny in your inbox here.)


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    […] that they would create jobs for us.  Where are the jobs? Their (pre-tax) income has increased a staggering 20 times (adjusted for inflation) while ours has been flat, even down a bit (again, adjusted for […]

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