Trump for Prez? Consider the source….

I won’t even start with his Birther hoo-ha.

Yes, it detracts from the “credibility” of Trump as a candidate.  But there are other things that undermine his credibility even further.

Consider the source…

While Trump has managed to make the mainstream media focus on something other than Charlie Sheen, let’s look at who’s really in favor of a Trump presidency.

I’ve mentioned Newsmax before.  It is the Weekly World News of politics.  Instead of Bat-Boy, they have Trump, but they do have JFK assassination linked to the UFO conspiracy, just like WWN. They shill phony medicine just like they sill phony politics.  

But here is a new one… they copied a news story from Yahoo News, and forgot to edit the “For complete coverage of politics and policy, go to Yahoo! Politics” out of the page before reposting the story. They did remember to remove the Reuters byline at the top, though. 

Journalistic standards, like the truth, have no place at Newsmax.  But Trump sure does!

Thanks to the Daily Post for providing today’s topic!


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