Question for John Carter (R, TX-31)

@JudgeCarter, Tea Party member even before there was a Tea Party, is hosting an online town hall today immediately after he and other House members meet with the President so that he can spin the meeting first.

He has invited questions be sent through Twitter, his Facebook page, or his Gmail address so he can respond to them.

Here is my question:

Why aren’t the rich doing their job?

If the wealthy are supposed to be these amazing engines of job creation, with all of the tax cuts they have been given, with all the deregulation of the last several decades, why aren’t they creating the jobs we need?

Taxes on the wealthy are the lowest they have been in generations (while the rest of us haven’t gotten a break) on the promise that they would create jobs for us.  Where are the jobs? Their (pre-tax) income has increased a staggering 20 times (adjusted for inflation) while ours has been flat, even down a bit (again, adjusted for inflation).  Why aren’t they doing their part?

What are you going to do about it?


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