The Family Budget

Republicans have been pushing the idea that the federal budget is like the family budget, that the government should “live within its means”.

Never mind the ridiculousness of the idea – family budgets are subject to the whim of the corporations that hire (and fire) the family members; governments are not laid off so arbitrarily. 

No, instead let’s embrace the idea.

How much of your family budget goes to nuclear weapons? 

How much goes to feeding, clothing and educating your children?  How much goes to healthcare?  Transportation, home maintenance, allowance for your kids?

If your family is like the government, you spend nearly 40 percent of your income on weapons for threatening and killing your neighbors.  You spend less than 1% on keeping your food safe, which is why your kid is in the hospital with food poisoning.  Too bad you only spend 20% of your income on healthcare, since the actual cost of making your kid get well is more like 30%, given todays runaway health care costs.  You’ll need to spend about 20% to get your kids through college, but as you are only spending 3% on education, count on them either living in your house for the rest of their lives, or raising your grandkids in poverty.

Amazingly, the 20% you are (supposed to be) saving for retirement is actually about the same as the “unreasonable” amount being spent on Social Security (so-called “entitlement” spending).  But I guess 20% on retirement is unreasonable when you are spending 40% on weapons…


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