News Alert: The Emperor Has No Clothes

There is no Sanity Clause.

And there is no fiscal crisis.

That’s right, there is no fiscal crisis.  Its B.S., a manufactured crisis.

There is a problem, but it isn’t a lack of money.

Where the "Crisis" comes from

Where the "Crisis" comes from

Taxes on the wealthy, as a proportion of GDP, are lower than in generations.  Meanwhile, the wealthy have been taking a larger and larger chunk of the pie.

The increasing frequency and duration of economic downturns has followed the decrease in the top tax rates.  Coincidence?  Ha.

When the money is being aggregated at the top, the people below the top 1% have less to spend.  The bottom 98% make up 30% of economic activity.  When they have less to spend, it takes longer for recovery to happen.  When they have less to spend, it takes smaller problems to create downturns.  (It is no wonder why the bottom 90% are now declared irrelevant.)


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