A Juggling Act – Your Plutocracy at Work

There is a great bit done by the juggling comedy troupe, The Flying Karamazovs

Three jugglers face a fourth.  Each of the four is juggling three pins.  One at a time, each of the three throws one of their pins to the fourth, who throws one of his pins back at the same time.  If you have ever seen a juggling troupe, you’ve seen this one a thousand times.

The Flying Karamazovs add a wrinkle.  The jugglers try to throw in unusual fashions to make things more difficult. When a pin is dropped, one of the three jugglers runs behind the fourth to pick up the dropped pin, and also exchanges pins with the fourth juggler, who throws his pins backward over his head and catches the pins thrown from behind him.  Very impressive.

But then, to make things funny (remember they are a comedy juggling troupe), they add one more thing – the one in back pulls a prank on the fourth guy (who isn’t facing him), by no longer returning the pins sent by the fourth juggler.  Naturally, the greedy juggler can’t keep juggling, since he accumulates most of the 12 pins.  The other jugglers, whose pins have been siphoned off, also cannot continue to juggle, but for lack of pins rather than overabundance.  “Prank” has been pulled, laughter ensues.

Gee, that sounds familiar.  Where have I seen something similar?

Oh, yeah, the economy.

The wealth of the economy has accumulated at greater and greater concentrations in the hands of fewer and fewer people.  The economy stutters and grinds to a halt, lacking enough “pins” to keep going.

See the bit here:


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