200 More

Today’s Daily Post Topic is “What would you like 200 more of?”

I would love 200 more Congressmen and Senators who are responsive to their constituents. 

The majority of Americans want to make sure the steps taken to fix the economy and run the government equitably share the pain.  They want cuts that don’t impact those already suffering from the down economy and inequitable wealth distribution.  They want taxes increases that ensure that everyone is paying for their fair share – that those who disproportionately benefit from our society should pay a higher percentage in taxes – partly because they can afford it, and partly because of the extremely well off don’t pay a lot of the same prices that the rest of us have to pay while having access to benefits that the rest of us don’t.

The majority of Americans recognize that income disparity is a bad thing, and when fully informed about just how bad things have gotten, want a more progressive tax code.

Congress is and has been more responsive to their financial backers than to their constituents, steadily cutting a little here, changing a little there, shifting the tax burden more on to those who cannot afford it while cutting services to those same people.

We could definitely use 200 (or more!) more responsive elected officials.


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