Time to Stop Screwing Around

August 2nd.

It is just a few days away.

And Congress is sitting around, arguing over political stances.

Hey, I love a political argument as much as the next guy, probably more than most.  But there is a time to stop talking, to stop arguing and to go to work and get your job done.

We have passed that point. 

The free market, which conservatives worship, has spoken.  No one wants to be left holding the bag when Congress fails to reach a “compromise”, so stockholders are taking their money and running.  The market lost a LOT of money yesterday.

So did I.  And I am pissed.

If Congress had passed a debt ceiling increase last week, and attached a 7% retroactive income tax increase that was due this morning, I would be in better financial shape RIGHT NOW than I am here in reality after the market’s reaction Wednesday to the fact that a debt ceiling increase has not been passed, and that it looks increasingly likely that we will end in default.

I want us to return to taxing the rich like we should.  The Tea Party nutjobs want to remove all government services that don’t benefit them directly (and since they aren’t in total 100% agreement about which services they benefit from, if you take their opinion in aggregate, they want to cut everything).

Maybe we can find some common ground, somewhere, somewhen.  Finding common ground is difficult, even when both sides are willing to compromise, or even when only one is willing to compromise.

But there is no time left for compromise or finding common ground.

The market is already preparing for possible financial disaster, which, in the current state of things, is in and of itself a financial disaster.

The debt ceiling increase needed to have been already passed Tuesday, to prevent the disastrous market reaction of yesterday.  Too late.

There is no time left.

Congress needs to raise the debt ceiling.  Now.  (The day before yesterday would not be too soon!).  Not tomorrow, not August 1st, not after the deadline.  Now.


No cuts.  No tax increases.  No posturing.  No politics. 

Just raise the limit.


Congress, stop screwing around and do your jobs.

Raise the limit.


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