Rick Perry Stole Your Jobs

Secessionist (and Presidential Candidate) Rick Perry claims to have a record of job creation as Governor of Texas.

Never mind that the Governor’s post in Texas is nearly purely ceremonial in nature.

Let’s talk about where those jobs came from.

They came from your state.

Texas’ strategy for “creating” jobs is to create an environment where the people who decide where companies operate out of can make the most money for themselves (and thereby contribute the least to society as a whole). To create an environment where the environment doesn’t matter.

Perry’s only Governorial powers are to veto legislation, and a power unique to Rick Perry of all the Texas Governors, the “Texas Enterprise Fund”. This is a special fund set up to give Perry a personal kitty from which to bribe companies to come to Texas. (Never mind that the recipients of his largesse at the taxpayer’s expense turn out to be his biggest political donors. Nothing to see here, move along.)

Given a choice where to start or move your company – a state that taxes your income (thereby providing services to the state population), or a state that doesn’t? A state that is offering you a bribe, or a state that doesn’t?

That company has already decided to start, or already has employees. The only question is *where*. They choose Texas, and Perry looks like he’s created jobs. But the net jobs created? Zero.

Texas stole the jobs that would otherwise have been created in your state.

Rick Perry stole your jobs.

So let’s scale that to the United States, with Perry (the guy who wants to secede from the nation) has just become President.

(Excuse me, I just threw up a bit in my mouth. Be right back.)


So Perry is going to create an environment nationwide that looks like Texas. Now the companies can open anywhere and have the same benefits without paying the costs. Net jobs created? Zero. They just don’t have to move to Texas anymore.

But let’s hypothesize that he’s got bigger aims.

He wants to scale his job stealing up so he can steal jobs from other countries.

He’s competing with China and third-world countries who pay workers cents per day, not dollars per hour. Countries whose environmental and safety regulations have resulted in the importation of products that turned out to be deadly to us for us to use and consume.

In order to underbid those countries, he has to lower your wages to less than what they make in China. Can you live on the wages of a Chinese peasant?

Sorry, I mean “less than a Chinese peasant?”


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