During each of the two most recent debates came a moment of the most disgusting display of bloodthirsty hypocrisy I have ever seen from the “pro-life” crowd.

During the debate on September 7th, the moderator asked Rick Perry, “You are the most prolific serial killer in the United States, how do you sleep at night?”

Well, the moderator tried to ask the question, or a question with a similar meaning, but got interrupted by a wildly cheering crowd.

Them “pro-lifers” sure enjoy them a bloodbath, don’t they?

Then, this week, during the debate on September 12th, those “pro-lifers” again cheered the death of anyone who can’t afford health care.

Ron Paul was asked “Congressman, should society just let him die?” Cheers.

Let him die.

Ron Paul discredits himself by saying they never turned anyone away, then reverses himself and says essentially people get what they deserve, then tries to reframe the discussion to make it about “bureaucracy” making the prices go up.

Never mind that both Medicare and Medicaid run their operations with a tiny fraction of the overhead that private insurance companies have, making them more efficient and more cost-effective. 

Never mind that, in order to make sure the risk pool includes everyone and to prevent the  scenario from occurring, the new health care law prevents people from opting out and not paying into the system, so that they can’t unfairly take advantage of the system without paying their share.

And, surprisingly, never mind that, even according to Ron Paul that no one was ever turned away, SOMEONE has to pay for the services rendered, and it always ends up being you and me.

No, the point among all these distractions is that the typical so-called “pro-life” conservative is a bloodthirsty, murderous hypocrite.


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One Response to “Bloodthirsty”

  1. Ben A. (@politicallyme) Says:

    BTW does anyone remember Terri Schiavo?


    Let him die.

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