Just Like The Rest Of Us Redux

Thanks to CNN, we have a pretty good picture of how just like the rest of us the candidates are.

Candidate                Net Worth
Low Estimate  High Estimate 
Mitt Romney   $85 million $264 million 
Jon Huntsman   $16 million  $72 million
Newt Gingrich    $7 million  $31 million
Barack Obama    $2.8 million  $11.8 million
Ron Paul    $2.4 million   $5.4 million
Rick Santorum    $1 million   $3 million
Rick Perry    $1 million   $2.5 million
The Rest of Us
  51%-99%  $120,000   $1.2 million
  0%-50%  -$40,000  $120,000

I guess these guys really DO understand the rest of us.

(Some references here and here.  BTW the low end of the 0% of being $40k underwater is just a blind guess, and I have no facts to back it up.  But there are plenty of people, especially those affected by the Great Recession, who owe more than they are worth.  You pick a number, anything less than $0.  Any way you slice it, it is still bad.)


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