The Horse Race Narrows

One of the thing I like least about election coverage is the focus on the horse race aspect… this person is ahead, this person is behind, blah, blah, blah… because it is usually devoid of context (what the beliefs and actions of the candidates are and how those things impact voter perceptions, and how voter predispositions play into the mix).  What has happened is significant, sure, but why is more important.

Huntsman has dropped from the race, which is (in some ways) a disappointment.  Of the pack, he was the most moderate, the most sensible.  His pro-science stance in the face of the Conservative mindset to ignore science when it contradicts partisan beliefs was a breath of fresh air.  Of the pro-1% stance held by all of the Republican candidates, his included some small token of tax fairness.

Of a slate of bad candidates, he was probably the least worst.  Which of course meant that he didn’t have a chance.

He’ll endorse Romney, the next least Conservative candidate, though that doesn’t actually say much.  Given how much Romney is running away from all of his previously not-quite-so-conservative positions (you know, the ones that were on the far-right fringe just a decade ago), it really says nothing at all.

Had more attention to actual political beliefs and the facts surrounding them, rather than just who was up and who was down, he might have had a better shot.  But everyone loves a winner, and conservatives in particular hate a loser, so in the absence of actual factual journalism, he never stood a chance.

Meanwhile, Rick Perry’s zombie campaign for the VP slot keeps shambling along, now struggling just to get the opportunity to be allowed on the debate stage for another opportunity to embarrass himself.  Perry is unlikely to get a bump from Huntsman’s departure, not just from the standpoint of political fit, but because Perry’s zombie campaign has the stink of death (aka “failure”) upon it.

Zombie.  Stink of death.  Heh.


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