Win, Win, Win

Gosh, I love Newsmax.  The most credible news source in America.

Not really.  On either count.

Their headlines are always loaded with agitation and hyperbole.  Yesterday’s was no exception, and indeed, this one was very well placed to win for them, no matter the outcome.  “Soros Says Romney, Obama Very Similar, ‘Little Difference’” and “Soros: Romney Is Like Obama, Don’t Worry“.

The article goes on to say “Billionaire financier George Soros likes Mitt Romney, and is telling European liberals not to worry.  He says of Obama and Romney, ‘there isn’t all that much difference’ between them.”

An article like this is a no-lose proposition for an organization like Newsmax.  First they get to bash Romney for being “too liberal”, continuing the inexorable push to redefine “conservative” ever more rightward.

Second, they get to throw a plug in for candidates that are as wingnut as possible (even thought they have already lost their favorites – Bachmann, Perry and Cain).  They’ll settle for Santorum or Gingrich if they have to.

Third, if Soros likes him, he must be horrible.

And even if they don’t get the candidate of their choice, or push Romney farther to the right (if that is even possible), they STILL win.   If Romney clinches the nomination, and if the Newsmax readers even remember that Romney is/was the liberal enemy (“We’ve always been at war with Eastasia”), they can still endorse him and explain it away – “Soros is a liar”, they’ll say.  To them, Soros is an arch-fiend, devilishly capable of saying things that will make conservatives doubt the conservatism of THEIR candidate, their hope to defeat Obama.


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