News Flash: Newsmax Lies Again (or, “Duh”)

Pro-Brither rag Newsmax, whose stance that Romney is a dirty pinko Commie, ran an article claiming that senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett says that unemployment is good for the economy.  (Gasp!)

It is true that she said that.

I mean, Newsmax did have to edit her comments slightly for clarity.  “Providing unemployment insurance stimulates the economy.”  See?  Se actually said the words “unemployment”, “stimulates”, “the”, “economy”, in that order.

Obama has filled the government with people who think people shouldn’t work because working hurts the economy!

And he’s not even from here!

(and he’s -gasp- black!)

Oh, Newsmax didn’t write the story? They cribbed it from Glenn Beck’s website? And didn’t attribute it? So they are plagiarizing liars? Duh.


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