Semi-Super Tuesday: GOP Shaken, Not Stirred, But Lacks Bond

Actually, beyond the cute headline there isn’t much to say about the divided, unenthusiastic Republican electorate that hasn’t already been said. 

Romney is plodding along, still with about 40% of the total votes cast, meaning that 60% of Republicans who could be bothered to show an opinion prefer someone else.

The Second-placers did a six point swap.  Santorum, who had just under 20% of the votes cast before Super Tuesday now has over 26%, while Newter has dropped from just under 29% to just under 23%, despite a landslide win in his home state yesterday, the fourth largest of the contests so far.  Despite either candidate’s lack of ability to really pull ahead, a “Newter Santorum” would totally beat Romney. (Hence the calls for one of them to step down.  I love the Votemaster’s take on it, that Newt’s ego is too big to fit through the exit…)

Ron Quixote slipped about a point in overall voting, to 10%.

The most interesting thing I can see, though, is just how small the actual number of votes cast have been, how low the voter enthusiasm for the Republican possibilities.  Just under eight million total votes have been cast, in the same states in which over 26 million people voted for McCain (the runner-up in the last election), and where 122 million people live.  When the total votes in a state are less than the population of your home town (and this has been the case in all but two states), you know any vote for any candidate becomes a fringe phenomenon.

Which might explain why they practice fringe politics.


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