One Clue Short Of Having A Clue


From the local paper:

Dear editor,

Yesterday I received a mailer from Commissioner Lisa Birkman’s opponent, comparing her to President Barack Obama. At first I thought it was a joke, until I read both sides.

While our liberal, socialist-leaning president has decided that government spending is the answer to everything, Commissioner Birkman has been a conservative steward of our tax dollars.

Sure, our county has the “highest per-capita debt in all of Texas.” But that is because we, the residents, decided to address our quality of life by voting for road bonds to ease our traffic problems.

Look all over Precinct 1 and you see road construction going on, to ease our traffic problems. Imagine what traffic would be like in five years, without the improvements.

Maybe Commissioner Birkman’s opponent doesn’t drive. I do, and I appreciate Commissioner Birkman’s efforts, and ask the voters of Pct. 1 to elect her to another term.

Charlie Culpepper, Round Rock

Amazing.  Simply astounding.

This guy has not even the first clue about the irony of what he is saying.

Did he even read what he wrote?

He blasts the government for spending money… except when the money benefits him personally (even when it is a grotesquely obscene amount of money, to put words in Birkman’s opponent’s mouth), well, then it is OK.  More than OK, it is conservative stewardship.

This is what bothers me so much about the Tea Party movement, and conservatives in general. 

Government spending is bad, BAD.  Well, unless it benefits me, then it is OK.  Rank hypocrisy.

Or, almost as bad but much more rare, they are consistent in their beliefs, and ALL government spending is bad, and it doesn’t matter if the spending is totally needed in order to take care of our civic responsibilities, or to provide needed services like roads and schools.  They will cut off their own noses just to spite their faces, just as long as it cuts your nose off too.  Thanks, but no, I’ll keep my nose.

And apparently this guy used to be a mayor.  (Thankfully, at least it is “used to be”!)


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