Family Budget Redux

The conservatives just love to talk about the family budget when talking about the government’s budget, about how the family has to cut back on its expenses when the money isn’t coming in.

But when the money isn’t coming in, real families frequently can’t cut back on their expenses.  They have commitments – they need gas to get to work, the children need to be fed, the bills have to be paid, their parents’ bills at the rest home need to be paid too.

When real families need money to meet their commitments, if you need more money, what you do, what other real people do, is go out and get another job, bring in more income.

We, as a nation, have commitments we must keep, so the choice is simple and obvious:  we must bring in more revenue.  With taxes the lowest as a share of GDP in decades, there is plenty of room to bring in more revenue, if done right.

Taxes ARE eating up a larger share of YOUR budget, it is true, since your wages have been flat for decades.  But there are some whose income have increased by 20x over the last fifty years while your income has been stagnant (all adjusted for inflation, of course).

Oh, and their taxes have dropped by about 2/3 over the same period.

Gee, where can we get more money to make up the difference?



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