Not-Romney Takes 31% in Texas

While the “big news” varied between Romney’s cuddle in front of the fireplace with the Birther movement, and the fact that he has essentially clinched the nomination, I think the bigger news is that Not-Romney is still showing considerable ability to get votes.

Or, to put it another way, Romney is still showing his ability to not get votes – just over 31% put in protest votes against a candidate they dislike, even though he’s already won. 

My personal expectation is that this percentage is going to grow now that Romney has clinched the nomination.  Romney voters have little incentive to go to the polls, while many of the Not-Romney voters are likely to still be dissatisfied enough to make it to the polls, despite the fact that their votes “won’t count”.

The question still remains about November, though.

Not that any Not-Romney voter is the least bit likely to vote for Obama.  No, the question is if they are die-hard enough to turn around and vote for the guy they were die-hard enough to vote against when their vote didn’t even count, just to try and make sure Obama isn’t re-elected, or if instead they are dissatisfied enough with Romney that voting against him when their vote doesn’t count will have spent their ability to care.

Part of this will hinge on how close the election appears to be.  I suspect the Not-Romney sentiment won’t hold in swing states, but in Red states you’ll see lower than expected support for Romney if the election looks to be a clear win for Obama.  Of course, the same may hold true for Obama supporters in Red states if the election looks easily winnable for Obama…

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