Why Your Life Sucks – The Rise of the Permanent Temp Economy (via NYT)

This was a great article, well worth the read, that explains one of the many facets of how the threats to your personal economic security have arisen from past practices. Here is one part of how job insecurity has been creeping up on us since 1947:

The Rise of the Permanent Temp Economy

Politicians across the political spectrum herald “job creation,” but frightfully few of them talk about what kinds of jobs are being created. Yet this clearly matters: According to the Census Bureau, one-third of adults who live in poverty are working but do not earn enough to support themselves and their families.

A quarter of jobs in America pay below the federal poverty line for a family of four ($23,050). Not only are many jobs low-wage, they are also temporary and insecure. Over the last three years, the temp industry added more jobs in the United States than any other… Read More

via New York Times: The Rise of the Permanent Temp Economy.

I know that, in my career field, there is a lot of “contracting” – employment where the “employers” are just middle men, pimps who sell the labor of others to their clients (the companies that used to employ people) and reap tremendous profits for doing, well, nothing really, beyond payroll (which they farm out to ADP anyway), and the actual “we’re sorry, but you are no longer employed” conversation.

You are just a commodity.

(Ironically, when I spell checked this post prior to publishing it, the proofreading suggested I use the word “use” in place of “employ”. Ya think?)


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One Response to “Why Your Life Sucks – The Rise of the Permanent Temp Economy (via NYT)”

  1. Flon Says:

    I am sorry, but temping is the worst thing these days, that anyone can do. Temping can virtually destroy your career, and make a mess out of your resume.

    The problem is that when employers see a lot of temp jobs on a resume, it looks bad to them. They will ask you why none of those temp jobs hired you on permanent. They will think you are an incompetent worker because your temp jobs did not go perm. Even if the temp jobs were never meant to go perm anyway.

    Temping actually looks even WORSE on a resume, than working for nine months at, say, a store like Barnes & Noble. “Sales Associate at Barnes & Noble” , “Barrista at Starbuck’s” , or “Floral Designer at Kroger’s” looks better than “temping for nine months” listing lots of little jobs that never went perm.

    I would encourage everyone to consider applying for work in retail stores, grocery stores, before considering temping. Temping is a trap, and many temp jobs no longer go perm. Sadly, I know of several people who have no temped for years. They always think their job will go perm one day, it never does. All the other people they work with are temporary, too. They are like donkeys following a carrot on a stick. But they can never get the carrot.

    Sad truth is many temp agencies lie about the jobs.

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