RNC’s DOMA Dilemma

This must be driving them nuts.

The Republican National Committee recently came out with an analysis dissecting their performance in the last Presidential election. Among their conclusions, the Republican Party should be more accepting of gay marriage, work to create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and generally stop attacking women and minorities.

Oh the schadenfreude!

The party is asking its conservative membership to give up what the party has been touting as moral absolutes for decades for the purpose of winning elections. Torn between winning (and there is nothing a Conservative hates more than a loser) and their moral absolutes. Oh, the pain!

I’ve got a post I am working on about the fracturing that this will cause, but I will save that for another day.

At the moment I want to focus on how the RNC has no morals. (Yes, news flash, and all. Yawn.)

See, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is being argued in the Supreme Court today. The Federal government is declining to defend the law, and is instead siding with the plaintiffs who want it struck down. So who is left to defend the law? Why, the Congressional Republicans! Well, not the guy who sponsored the law, he’s against it too. But the rest of them.

Which is kind of awkward, since the Republican Party just came out with a platform statement that the party should be in favor of gay marriage. (This would be about the same time polls came out showing that the majority of Americans are in favor of gay marriage. Go figure.)

As if that wasn’t funny enough, here is the truly funny part. The case being argued in court is about taxes.

Yes, taxes.

And the Republican Party is having to defend the increased tax burden imposed by DOMA.

Read that again. The Republican Party is arguing for more taxes.

Remember that whole “Death Tax” thing that they used to go on about? Well, in this case, because the plaintiff’s legally recognized marriage under state law wasn’t recognized by federal law because of DOMA, when her spouse died she got hit with a tax bill that she wouldn’t have if her marriage had been federally recognized. And the Republicans are being forced to defend that as just and fair.

It is no wonder that few Republican congressmen are going on the record about today’s case.

To be in favor of their defense of DOMA means to jeopardize the party’s “We’re going to stop picking on people, really!” platform and to be in favor of the “Death Tax”. To come out against their own defense of DOMA means to tell the Conservative base that they have been baiting with the gay issue for so long that their moral absolutes aren’t so absolute, if they can switch sides to get elected.

Oh the schadenfreude!


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