Stick A Fork In It

The Culture Wars are over!

For decades, since the first long-hired pot smoker joined a protest over the Viet Nam war, the Republican party has tried to gin up phony controversies (The War on Christmas!) and throw red meat to their base. The gays are coming! What about the babies?!?! People who don’t look like you are living in our country! The g’umment is coming to take your guns!

These were the Culture Wars – God, Gays and Guns. Liberals, hippies, gays, godless heathens, and foreigners are the cause of all of your problems. Gay marriage caused Hurricane Katrina.

Using these boogeymen, the party has connived to get conservative voters to the polls by getting hot-button issues on ballots, and using them to tar their opponents.

With the release of the RNC’s recent post-mortem of the 2012 election, the Party is beginning to walk back their positions on these cultural issues.

What the media has failed to notice is that these changes signal the end of the Culture Wars.

Oh, there will still be skirmishes, as the die-hard base frantically tries to justify the rightness of their entire lives. but the Wars are over.


The majority of Americans are in favor of gay marriage. The majority of Americans favor restrictions on gun ownership. The majority of Americans are in favor of reproductive choice. The majority of Americans are in favor of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The majority of Americans don’t see Blacks, Hispanics, or gays as a threat. The majority of Americans don’t see Christianity as being under attack. The majority of Americans don’t buy into the bigotry, hatred and fear the GOP has been selling for decades. And the margin of that majority is increasing.

So much so that the Republican Party has finally decided that they need to start disposing of their moral stances before those stances guarantee they will be unelectable forever.

The Culture Wars are over.


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