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Well, crap.

June 6, 2012

So Walker survived the recall election.  Damn.

Well, at least there is a good chance he’ll end his term in jail.


Voter Fraud Allowed In Texas (If You Are A White Republican)

June 1, 2012

Texas’ new voter ID law was in effect for the primary on Tuesday.

Unless you were white, and voting in the Republican Primary.

How do I know this?  I’m white, and I voted in the Republican Primary.  I was not asked to show an ID.  My voter registration card was not signed (I deliberately handed it to them with the unsigned line facing the poll worker) and was not asked to sign the card (as I had been in the Democratic Primary I voted in during a previous year). 

The signature is required in order to vote.  The ID is required in order to vote.  I’m not even a Republican.

And I wasn’t asked to sign the card.  I wasn’t asked for my ID.

And I was allowed to vote in the Republican Primary.

To be clear, I was not trying to vote more than once, not even to vote in both parties’ primary.  I was not trying to pretend to be someone I am not.  I am eligible to vote, and I am registered to vote.  So my complaints are about technicalities rather than on substance or allowance of actual criminal behavior.  But those technicalities will be used (and I am sure were used Tuesday) to disenfranchise eligible, registered voters in Texas, or at least hassle them and make voting more difficult for them.

Because they aren’t white.

As an aside – I voted in the Republican Primary because none of the Democratic races in my district were competitive (only one candidate per race), I have no real preference for the Democratic candidate for the Senate race, and I wanted an opportunity to vote against my current Representative (in an attempt to effect the winner in a district where the Republican will always win), and to have a voice in what Republican will get elected in the Senate race (same problem).  The last time I voted for a Republican, I was in 7th grade.  I was young, and naive enough to buy into Reagan’s “Morning In America”, so I voted for him in my school’s mock election.  An embarassing fact I shall never be able to live down.

Zombie CPR

January 13, 2012

Zombie movies, TV shows and books are everywhere now, so I feel pretty safe making this comparison.

Apparently the courts are preparing to rule unconstitutional Virginia’s very tough laws regarding a candidate’s ability to get on the ballot.

This may breathe new life into Rick Perry’s campaign…

…sort of like giving CPR to a zombie.

(He’s after your brains….)


September 15, 2011

Constitutional amendment: the viagra of electile dysfunction.

Rick Perry, Moderator

August 19, 2011

Along the lines of my post a few days ago, Does This Ass Make My Truck Look Fat?, having Rick Perry in the race does change the way the race looks, relatively speaking.

Newsmax posted an article today quoting Ron Paul as saying Rick Perry makes him look moderate (at least on his stance toward the Federal Reserve).

Though the article doesn’t address any other issues or candidates, this is probably true for a lot of candidates on a lot of issues.

“Honey, does this candidate make me look too moderate?”

Rick Perry Stole Your Jobs

August 17, 2011

Secessionist (and Presidential Candidate) Rick Perry claims to have a record of job creation as Governor of Texas.

Never mind that the Governor’s post in Texas is nearly purely ceremonial in nature.

Let’s talk about where those jobs came from.

They came from your state. (more…)

Governor Goodhair Enters the Race

August 15, 2011

Commentary by a Texan in Fort Worth:

Does this Ass Make My Truck Look Fat?

Spotted in Fort Worth TX. Not everyone here loves Governor Goodhair.

“Does this Ass Make My Truck Look Fat?”

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