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Historical Argument

April 2, 2013

The argument before the SUpreme Court over the definition of marriage may be over (for this season, anyway), but the decision is still weeks or months away.

Which gives us time to pick apart the arguments made before the highest court in the land.

One of the main arguments in defense of California’s overturned Proposition 8 is that marriage has always been defined as between a man and a woman. For thousands of years it has been that way.

The coded message is, God said it was so, therefore it is so. But the founders of our nation wisely decided that our government would be of the people, for the people, and by the people… not by a Pope, not by any god, or by anyone claiming to speak for him. So that argument doesn’t hold any weight with the court, so the defenders of bigotry must resort to the coded language: so has it ever been, so shall it ever be.

(This despite the “reverence” with which those against gay marriage claim to have for the Founding Fathers. For that, they have to resort to claiming that the Constitution which the Founders wrote misquotes them!)

But here is the thing – for thousands of years, the definition of a government was a divinely ordained monarch. It may have been fine for our ancestors, but we figured out a better way. Which is why we have an internet to blog on, and a Supreme Court to argue in front of.

Divinely ordained monarchs, the tradition of thousands of years, overturned. A narrow definition of marriage, the tradition of thousands of years… well, for now we can only hope. Figuring out a better way to run things…. a tradition that will hopefully continue for a while!


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