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Third Party

March 29, 2013

The problem with the Republican Party is… well, franky, the Republican Party.

In January, the Republican leadership and conservative strategists met in Charlotte NC to try and figure out what went wrong in their 2012 bid to take control of the Senate and the Presidency. They want to improve the image of the Republican Party, but promise to maintain their core conservative values.

The RNC just released their autopsy of their failed 2012 bid. The results are interesting, but indicate that the Republican Party is about to undergo some serious changes, which the report does not foresee. They are treating the symptoms, and missing the causes and the unintended consequences of trying to win elections with the new strategy.


RNC’s DOMA Dilemma

March 27, 2013

This must be driving them nuts.

The Republican National Committee recently came out with an analysis dissecting their performance in the last Presidential election. Among their conclusions, the Republican Party should be more accepting of gay marriage, work to create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and generally stop attacking women and minorities.

Oh the schadenfreude!


August 13, 2012

According to an earlier report, President Obama was thought to owe a huge tax bill due to what appeared to be the largest gift in history.

Documents filed by the Republican National Committee and the Mitt Romney Presidential Campaign appear to put that issue to rest.  According to the documents, the selection of Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) as Romney’s Vice Presidential running mate was actually paid for by the Democratic National Committee.

According to a DNC spokesperson, “This payment to the  RNC is not a political contribution in exchange for a political favor.  Instead this is the common practice of hiring outside consultants to help shape a campaign.  In the case of the DNC, we have been spending millions of dollars over the past six months trying to tie Mitt Romney to Paul Ryan’s budget proposals to end Medicare and turn it into a voucher program, but we hadn’t gotten the traction we were hoping for.  The RNC and its affiliated propaganda arms, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, came up with a proposal to help us make that connection.  We thought it was brilliant, and gave them the green light to go ahead with the marketing campaign for us.”

The Federal Election Commission is looking into the ramifications of this move.  “Probably the biggest concern for us,” said one FEC official, ” is that any contribution to the Romney campaign that pays for an ad that mentions that Paul Ryan is Romney’s running mate may end up being considered an in-kind contribution to the Obama campaign.”

BREAKING: Obama May Declare Bankruptcy

August 13, 2012

IRS officials are said to be poised to slap President Obama with a huge tax bill, so large the Democrat may have to declare bankruptcy.

At issue is the Gift Tax, and Mitt Romney’s announcement today that Paul Ryan will be his running mate.

“This announcement is a huge gift to Obama.  In fact it is the largest gift I have seen in my career,” said one IRS official.  “We have appraisers working right now to try to assess the value of this gift, but so far the closest to a valuation we have gotten is ‘Priceless'”.  Once we have a better handle on the dollar value of this gift, we’ll be presenting the President with a bill.”

Independent experts say the value is so high that the tax bill will likely cause Obama to have to declare bankruptcy.

Oh, crap!. No, wait, Oh WOW! No, wait, Oh crap….

June 28, 2012

CNN reported initially that the court had struck the mandate provisions.

The mandate provision was a large part of what made the Affordable Care Act actually affordable for everyone, and made the prospect of covering anyone regardless of their existing health problems palatable to insurance companies.

But then CNN issued a correction, stating that Roberts voted with the 5-4 majority to uphold the mandate (as well as the other provisions).   Wow!  I still don’t believe it!

But then the “Oh crap” moment settled back in…

First, the ACA (or ObamaCare, if you prefer), is and was the Conservative solution to the health care crisis – give the insurance companies a LOT of money and keep them profitable, rather than chasing the moneychangers from the temple and providing inexpensive healthcare by doing it without a profit margin (horrors!) by choosing a single payer system  ( has a terrific write-up of the conservative pedigree of ObamaCare).  Not the best solution to the problem, the Conservative solution (because the pragmatic Obama thought that would be his best shot at getting something passed… little did he realize how deeply the hatred for him would cause the conservatives to back away from their own plan and vilify it as worse than communism.  Communism! Radical Islamic Communism!  Ahhhh!  Hair on fire!).  So, yay, we’ve managed to preserve a watered-down half-solution giveaway to big business.  Yay for us!

Second, yes, their hair is now totally on fire.  The Tea Party (with their imaginary friends and dainty little plastic pink teacups) are going to be spinning themselves into a frenzy to get rid of Obama so they can overturn the law.  Obama, on the other hand, is drawing lukewarm support because his pragmatism has caused him to give away the cow for some “magic beans”… and since this isn’t a fairy tale, the beans aren’t magic.  The Conservatives will never love Obama, they will never like him, and they will never accept anything he does as anything other than utter Radical Islamic Communism, even when what he is doing is the Conservatives’ own plan, lock, stock and barrel.  He is Obama, he is the ENEMY and no amount of compromise will ever satisfy them.  The Liberals aren’t so hot for him either, because Obama isn’t actually very Liberal (“public opinion [is against the ACA] by roughly 15%, although 15% of the people who oppose it do so because they want a Canadian-style single-payer system”).  So yay, we just got handed a much more difficult election.  Yay for us!

Well, crap.

June 6, 2012

So Walker survived the recall election.  Damn.

Well, at least there is a good chance he’ll end his term in jail.

Regulations Kill Jobs

May 24, 2012

Regulations are bad! They hold people back, prevent economic progress… toward doom!

Ever wonder how to create conditions for a crash? Now you know.

(Thanks again to American Progress for the funny daily cartoons, like this one! You can see their archive and sign up for the daily funny in your inbox here.)

That word….

May 22, 2012

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. – Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride


The Tea Party just loves that word.

To them it is the epitome of democracy.  To them it means being allowed to do any damn thing they want to, with no one to tell them “No you can’t”.

Except… that isn’t what Liberty is. That is instead the definition of Anarchy.

Totally different thing…. (more…)

One Clue Short Of Having A Clue

May 19, 2012


From the local paper:

Dear editor,

Yesterday I received a mailer from Commissioner Lisa Birkman’s opponent, comparing her to President Barack Obama. At first I thought it was a joke, until I read both sides.

While our liberal, socialist-leaning president has decided that government spending is the answer to everything, Commissioner Birkman has been a conservative steward of our tax dollars.

Sure, our county has the “highest per-capita debt in all of Texas.” But that is because we, the residents, decided to address our quality of life by voting for road bonds to ease our traffic problems.

Look all over Precinct 1 and you see road construction going on, to ease our traffic problems. Imagine what traffic would be like in five years, without the improvements.

Maybe Commissioner Birkman’s opponent doesn’t drive. I do, and I appreciate Commissioner Birkman’s efforts, and ask the voters of Pct. 1 to elect her to another term.

Charlie Culpepper, Round Rock

Amazing.  Simply astounding.

This guy has not even the first clue about the irony of what he is saying.

Did he even read what he wrote?

He blasts the government for spending money… except when the money benefits him personally (even when it is a grotesquely obscene amount of money, to put words in Birkman’s opponent’s mouth), well, then it is OK.  More than OK, it is conservative stewardship.

This is what bothers me so much about the Tea Party movement, and conservatives in general. 

Government spending is bad, BAD.  Well, unless it benefits me, then it is OK.  Rank hypocrisy.

Or, almost as bad but much more rare, they are consistent in their beliefs, and ALL government spending is bad, and it doesn’t matter if the spending is totally needed in order to take care of our civic responsibilities, or to provide needed services like roads and schools.  They will cut off their own noses just to spite their faces, just as long as it cuts your nose off too.  Thanks, but no, I’ll keep my nose.

And apparently this guy used to be a mayor.  (Thankfully, at least it is “used to be”!)

Win, Win, Win

January 30, 2012

Gosh, I love Newsmax.  The most credible news source in America.

Not really.  On either count.

Their headlines are always loaded with agitation and hyperbole.  Yesterday’s was no exception, and indeed, this one was very well placed to win for them, no matter the outcome.  “Soros Says Romney, Obama Very Similar, ‘Little Difference’” and “Soros: Romney Is Like Obama, Don’t Worry“.

The article goes on to say “Billionaire financier George Soros likes Mitt Romney, and is telling European liberals not to worry.  He says of Obama and Romney, ‘there isn’t all that much difference’ between them.”

An article like this is a no-lose proposition for an organization like Newsmax.  First they get to bash Romney for being “too liberal”, continuing the inexorable push to redefine “conservative” ever more rightward.

Second, they get to throw a plug in for candidates that are as wingnut as possible (even thought they have already lost their favorites – Bachmann, Perry and Cain).  They’ll settle for Santorum or Gingrich if they have to.

Third, if Soros likes him, he must be horrible.

And even if they don’t get the candidate of their choice, or push Romney farther to the right (if that is even possible), they STILL win.   If Romney clinches the nomination, and if the Newsmax readers even remember that Romney is/was the liberal enemy (“We’ve always been at war with Eastasia”), they can still endorse him and explain it away – “Soros is a liar”, they’ll say.  To them, Soros is an arch-fiend, devilishly capable of saying things that will make conservatives doubt the conservatism of THEIR candidate, their hope to defeat Obama.

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